Plain To Do List Recorder Keeps Track of Your Daily Tasks

People make so many New Year’s resolutions that it becomes very difficult to keep track of all of them as time goes by. The following To Do list recorder reminds you what your daily priorities are, so that you don’t forget about the resolutions.

Even though there are tons of planning apps for Android, iOS and any other mobile operating system that you can think about, sometimes it’s just better to keep things simple. After all, you might want to save the battery of your smartphone for more important things. This simple To Do list recorder is good at doing one thing and one thing only: recording to do lists and verbal reminders simply by pressing a button.

Since it comes with 2GB of internal memory, this recorder can store up to 560 hours of recordings. That is probably sufficient for recording verbal reminders over a few years. As seen in the above picture, the recorder also features a 1.75 inch LCD display that makes recording retrieval an effortless thing. The display also proves useful for deleting recordings or changing the settings of the device.

Impressively enough, this little gadget is also able to sort the recordings into three categories: Family, Notes and Groceries. These should do for the common folk, and especially for elder people who do not manifest that much enthusiasm when faced with the latest model of smartphone. The other five buttons of the recorder are used for playback. Thus, users are able to browse the Previous and the Next entries, Record/Pause, Play/Pause or Stop.

Some may look at this device as “yet something more to carry”, but its simplicity is amazing. On top of that, it is powered by two AAA batteries. When these run out, people can just buy some more and replace them in a couple of easy steps. Using rechargeable AAA batteries is an even better idea that will probably make environmentalists even happier.

The Hammacher Schlemmer online store currently sells this tiny gadget for $49.95. A pack of four AAA batteries will only cost $4.95, even though it’s probably better to rely on rechargeable ones.

All in all, this plain To Do list recorder is great for keeping track of appointments, family events and grocery lists in a way that makes each recording easy to find, follow and delete.

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