Tokyoflash Kisai Upload: Right Angle LCD Watch With USB Memory

We just love the Tokyoflash Japan watches here at Walyou. They are very slick and always features a futuristic design, they have a special twists to tell the time and they just look amazing! Today they’ve released a new watch called: Kisai Upload which is a digital LCD wrist watch.

The Kisai upload was originally a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog and was voted by fans as one of the most popular designs in July 2011. The watch has a USB memory in the form of a replaceable MicroSD card so you can store information on it and keep it close in your wrist. The watch also features some more cool and useful things such as date, alarm, LED backlight for night-time,2 USB cables & spare USB caps included,Water resistance and many more. This latest Tokyaflash watch is simply amazing. The watch is available in 8 different beautiful colors and retails for the next 48 hours in just $149 instead of 169$.

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