A New Detachable Game Controller Out for IPhones

If you love the feel of buttons under your fingers when you play games, fear not, because a new detachable iPhone game controller is looking to offer just that!

If you walk down the street and just ask people what kind of cell phone they have, more than likely, they will admit to having an iPhone. This smartphone revolutionized the way we look at cell phones. No longer are they just used to call or send texts, but get weather reports, up-to-date stock information, create events on a calendar, and of course, play lots and lots of games when sitting around doing nothing. But not everyone is a fan of the touch screen action. And I get that. Some people, while playing games, like the feeling of holding a controller. It gives more power, more assurances, and it turns the iPhone into a full-fledged gaming system.

Bladepad is looking to offer just that! This detachable gaming controller features dual bumpers and dual joysticks. And, when it is not in use, it can go right into its very own protective case!

Enjoy brand new iPhone games using an old-fashioned gaming control!

There are two parts to the Bladepad – the Detachable Gamepad and the Protective Case. The controller attaches itself to the iPhone via Bluetooth. When you want to play, all you have to do is slide the cover down! And while it does add a bit of bulk to your iPhone, you can detach it when you are not using it, only leaving behind the protective cover. The controller will have game support for both indie game makers and top studio game makers.

Right now, Bladepad is listed on Kickstarter as the makers want to raise $55,000. For those who pledge $69, they will receive their own Bladepad once manufacturing starts.

So avid iPhone gamers, delight in how much easier it will be to play Angry Birds, Angry Zombies, or any other fun game with your very own controller!

UPDATE: Please note that the funding for Bladepad was recently canceled by the project creator. No word yet on if the project will continue on elsewhere, or if the project has received funds from a different venue. Keep your eyes peeled!

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