Automate Your Life with ToothTag

If you’re a total phone geek, you also likely use services like Foursquare, but might not like having to manually check in each time you go somewhere. ToothTag makes this, among other things, easier by doing it automatically. ToothTag allows you to “tag” various locations by their wi-fi hotspots. Within this Android app, you get to customize what happens when you enter that location. Therefore, you can set it to check you into Foursquare when you’re at a specific location. Furthermore, you can tag the wireless devices of other people, making it possible for your phone to give you alerts when a friend is near.

NeuAer ToothTag Diagram

In the video, more examples are given, along with further ways to customize the experience. You likely wouldn’t want Foursquare to check you in when you walk past a tagged business, so you can set it to check in after a set period of time spent in its area. If you have your boss, an ex, or someone else whose phone you’ve tagged and who you might be trying to avoid, you can customize alerts or even set your phone to play a specific song when they’re near. One personal example that he gives is how he has no cell phone coverage at home. To let people get a hold of him rather than them being sent directly to voice-mail, he sets Google Voice auto-forwarding to send calls to his VOIP at home whenever the ToothTag app identifies him as being at home.

Overall, it sounds like an impressive and interesting app, one which isn’t reliant on GPS and which could certainly grow into something more. As social networking continues to expand and more businesses offer free wi-fi, applications like this will thrive. For even more cool Android apps, check out these 10 Essential Android Apps or the 8pen Gesture-Based Keyboard.

Via: LaughingSquid