Top Ten Winter Gadgets

Winter is here ad it isn’t so exciting, but luckily enough, there are a ton of winter gadgets out there for you to use to make winter just a little bit more bearable. (But only a little bit!)Oh the weather outside is frightful but the snow is so delightful…….wait, no, the snow is just as frightful. Watching snow fall from the comfort of inside my home, mug of hot chocolate in my hand is one thing, but being a functional human being – having to clean snow off my car, having to risk my life every time I drive on a snow covered road, having to bundle up because of below freezing temperature – that is not my thing. You’d be hard pressed to find people that 100% love the winter. There will always be that one thing that keeps you from enjoying it fully. However, luckily enough for us, there are a variety of geeky winter gadgets out there to make the winter a little less harsh and a lot easier to get through.

Touchscreen Gloves

winter gloves

In the world of smartphones, the winter can be murder. You can go gloveless and risk frostbite on your fingers, or you can wear gloves that do not work on the screen. With a nifty pair of touchscreen gloves, you will never have to take your gloves off. They have capacitive material around the tips of the fingers, allowing you to use your phone AND keep your hands warm.

Sled with a Seat


Who doesn’t love sledding?! Seriously, it is tons of fun. And with this sled board, you can actually sit on the sled. And because of its snowboard-shape, you can also try it out to see if you like to snowboard as well.

Star Wars USB Hand Warmer


When winter comes our hands are always the first to get cold. Rather than putting your hands on a heater or close to a fireplace, you can get a Star Wars USB hand warmer. Hook it into your USB port and hold in your hands to warm them up!

Video Recording Ski Goggles


Does no one believe you about that gnarly hill you went down on your skis? Or that awesome trick you did while snowboarding? The video recording ski goggles records all your action on the slopes with an HD camera.

USB Powered Heated Shoes


Pink fuzzy shoes for girls and blue fuzzies for boys – these USB heated shoes are sure to keep your toes warm. And don’t worry if you want to walk around, the shoes also can be powered by batteries. So you don’t have to walk around with your laptop or insanely long USB cords.

USB Heated Gloves


And you can’t have heated shoes without a pair of heated gloves! These gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while working on the computer. The gloves are made of wool and have heating pads on the inside. They connect to your USB port and allows you to work on your computer while enjoying warm hands!

Indoor Golf Simulator


Just because the fairway is covered in snow for the next some-odd months does not mean you can’t work on your swing. Sure the actual course may be filled with snow, but if you have a television, then all you need is the indoor golf simulator. And don’t worry – no broken glasses in the house because it is all fake!

USB Heated Mug


Nothing better than when you get into the office and sip from that hot mug of fresh coffee you made at home. But wait…your coffee is not cold because the inside of your car was like a freezer. What can you do? This USB Heated Mug ensures that your coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage stays hot with you. AND as a bonus, it comes with a car adaptor hook up!

Speaker Beanie


It can be hard to keep your earbuds in under a warm hat. You have to trade in good sound quality for keeping your head warm. The speaker beanie has speakers installed right into the hat!

Beard Beanie


Beards keep you warm, we all know that, but not all of us a) are able to grow beards or b) look good in beards. The beard beanie is made from wool and not only keeps your head warm, but your face as well. But, keep in mind it makes the wearer look a bit like a lumberjack, so it may not be all too impressive when it comes to the ladies. But it will keep your face warm, so maybe it is a decent tradeoff.