Hand Crafted Walnut Wood Darth Vader Sculpted Helmet

Darth Vader’s helmet is one of the most recognizable elements from the Star Wars flicks, so it should come to no surprise that it’s homaged in so many different ways.The following hand carved Darth Vader bust is the work of Josh Osborne, an American who was recruited by the Dark Side a long time ago, judging by his affinity for Sith Lords. Its dimensions of 13 1/2″ in height and about 10″ in diameter make this a pretty impressive item, especially if we consider that Osborne used a single massive piece of walnut wood to create the Darth Vader helmet.

Sculpting this helmet required carving gouges and a mallet. Despite the astonishing level of detail, the creator of this Darth Vader sculpture claims it wasn’t that hard to carve, since he opted for a relatively wet piece of wood. However, his choice also had a downside. More precisely, the sculpture features some imperfections at the top in the form of small cracks. Considering the amount of time and work that was invested in this project, I am sure most people will turn a blind eye on this small detail. Besides, they filled the cracks with wood shavings and glue. This doesn’t only show their great care for details, but also how much they strive for perfection.

Most of all, I like how the sculptor and his sister say that the sculpture commemorates one of the greatest villains in cinema history. I’m not saying this isn’t true, just that it is a bit hilarious and ironic to “commemorate” someone characterized by pure evilness. They also made sure that the helmet is recognizable from all possible angles.

Anyone interested in buying this will have to head to Etsy, where the Darth Vader helmet is listed for sale. I’m not sure what I should say about the price. On one hand, paying $250 for a piece of wood might be exaggerated, while on the other hand, people should keep in mind that this is a unique item that only one person on planet Earth will own.

The following picture features the walnut wood Darth Vader helmet, along with a bust of Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter and Mandalorian hired by the Sith Lord to retrieve the Millennium Falcon. If this doesn’t prove how much the creator of this portrait and his sister like the Star Wars villains, I don’t know what does.

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