7,000 Post-It Stop Motion Mario Animation

“Stick” tight and watch this super neat animation for a Paper Mario of another sort.

Post-It Notes were invented by 3M scientist Arthur Fry in 1974, and today, the yellow adhesive stationery squares are sold in more than 100 countries across the globe. It’s quite the American success story, and one that now shares a fan-made connection with another success story, but of a different innovator.

Hint, hint: It’s Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros., one of the most scene-shattering NES titles in all of videogame history.

Alighty then, so what’s the cosmic string that ties both influential creations together? Well, aside from being used by your Mom to remind you to bring home milk (oh crud… that reminds me), the uses for Post-It Notes are almost near infinite as resident YouTube member FinalCutKing shows us.

Skillfully using around 7,000 Post-It Notes – yeah, that’s a lot of Post-Its – as actual 8-bit pixel blocks, FinalCutKing made an impressive stop-motion animation featuring the famous turtle-squashing plumber going off on a mini-adventure around a real-world backdrop; FinalCutKing’s own room.

The whole video is fantastically made and has bunch of well-through camera tricks. And while it’s only a pipsqueak minute and a half in length, there’s something to be said about a piece of media being short and sweet. Which this definitely is, mates.

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