Touch Sensitive Guitar Concept for Social Media Addicts

This is a touch sensitive guitar concept that could facilitate learning and sharing songs online, as well as participating in competitions.
The touch sensitive guitar is built with the pop star in mind, so do not be surprised if rock music aficionados (including myself) are not too impressed about it. Presuming that your favorite pop star released a new single (fact that happens about every 20 minutes or so in the case of modern pop stars), with Formquadrat’s touch sensitive guitar, you would be able to download a tutorial (guess that guitar tabs are for retired people, huh?), learn to play the song within 2 days and show off… erm, I mean present it online to your friends.


As seen in the below picture, the guitar concept is presented in 4 color variations:

  • Matt Black
  • Fresh Green
  • Metallic Red
  • Pearl White

The Fresh Green Touchskin is pictured in Learn Mode. More precisely, in this mode the notes on the guitar neck light up according to the song tutorial that has been loaded. The neck, the drum area and the touch wheel feature a multi-touch capable capacitive surface.

Presumably, users would be able to connect the touch sensitive guitar wirelessly to home entertainment systems, tablets, smartphones and notebooks or desktops. The open-source software accompanying it would be easily modifiable by users. Mainly, the software would be used for recording new songs and for transferring the tutorials from the computer to the guitar. After learning how to play a song by using a tutorial, users can share it on social media platforms.

The main advantage I see in this is that people would be able to avoid bleeding fingers, since there are no strings involved. Moreover, the guitar concept designed by Formquadrat would help people get rid of the frustration they have when a guitar string breaks and needs to be replaced. However, I do not want to know what would happen if the touch sensitive surface of this concept guitar broke, as repairing such a surface is certainly more expensive and a lot more frustrating than replacing a guitar string. Other than that, this concept can be considered a step up from the Guitar Hero “musical instruments”, but it’s pretty safe to assume that rock guitar singers will continue using the real thing.

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