Rainbow Toy Atlas is Made from 2500 Toy Cars

The Toy Atlas Rainbow is a rainbow design made out of more than 2500 old toy cars, like the ones we used to have boxes of when we were kids.

toy atlas rainbow

It’s not quite a mosaic in the traditional sense; this one’s made from tiny toy cars rather than colorful stones. I guess there’s some sort of statement that could be made here about modernity or something, but I think I’ll leave that thought on the back-burner and just marvel at how cool this piece is.

According to our source, the design was created by a UK artist named David T. Weller, who has a pretty impressive portfolio of sculptures and other visual art.

toy car atlas rainbow

This Toy Atlas Rainbow piece has apparently garnered some decent critical acclaim. It won the People’s Award at the Arts Depot Open last year. Not that I’m cultured enough to have ever heard of that award or open before, but congratulations all the same!

toy car rainbow

Seeing those old toy cars honestly fills me with a little bit of nostalgia. I remember having at least a box full of those when I was young, and more likely than not owned a few of the same cars that were used in this rainbow design. I guess it goes to show that all those toys we have when we’re young can still be useful even when we’re older! Now I’m starting to feel kind of ashamed for having tossed them all away at a garage sale when I hit my teens.

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