The Evolution of the Bat Suit [Infographic]

There’s no better Superhero than Batman. The fact that he has no super powers, thriving on being super smart and super rich, just makes him cooler. He’s got the best gallery of villains and the (mostly) realistic, in comic book terms, surroundings and environment of Gotham City make his character easily adapt to the changing times.

And there’s the suit. Dark, most of the time. A tad camp, but just enough to keep him from looking ridiculous (not including the Adam West TV version). Later on, they decided to put nipples on the bast suit, which stopped him from not looking ridiculous. Those two movies, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, were the worst depiction of the character, ever, and he’s been around for more than 70 years.


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Batman has had a different look in different medias and different eras of the comic book publication. From the gritty Detective Comics days, through the golden age. The 1960’s showed the yellow oval on his chest for the first time, disappearing again when Frank Miller gave the world his brilliant version of the character. There was also the Azrael suit, while Bruce Wayne was healing from his broken back (spoiler for the 2012 film?) and many many more.

The guys at Screen Rant decided to create an info graphic showing the evolution of the bat suit over the years, through comic books, TV shows, animated versions and the feature films. Which bat suit do you think suits the Dark Knight best?