Pop Culture Overload: Simpsonized Movie Posters

Is it time for a second movie yet? No? Well, then, Simpsons fans will have to settle for these Simpsonized Movie Posters instead.

Matt Groening’s creation, the Simpsons, are about 25 years old now (yet still Maggie doesn’t speak), and are by now an icon on their own, beloved by entire generations. As proud members of the pantheon of the mightiest icons of western pop culture, parodies and tributes to them have appeared all over the web and our lives, and one of the most recent creations were these fantastic movie posters that combine some modern classics with Simpson-esque imagery and characters, and ends up being really charming. We invite you to scroll down and enjoy them.

Simpsons Star Wars

Bart Skywalker is an orphan living with the Flanders. Tired of their religious mumbo-jumbo, he storms off into the dessert, where he meets Barney Wan-Kenobi, who claims to have known his father and trained together to master the Duff. The rest is history…

Simpsons Terminator 2


The T-Homer goes back in time to protect young Bart Connor and his mother, Marge. Bart is the leader of a revolutionary movement who fights against Skinner-net, which has taken over the world and made it a bleak, dark school-hall.

Simpsons Alien Vs. Predator


Who needs Marines when you have Bart and Lisa? Follow them as they try to survive between two of the most dangerous creatures in movie history.

Simpsons Scissorhands


This could straight up be an episode of the Treehouse of Horrors series. Just look at this picture, the episode just writes itself. Simpsons writers, are you reading this?

Simpsons Star Trek


A simple but effective premise: Bart-Luc Piccard tries to survive a borg infestation before they take him over, as it happened to a lot of his crew.

Simpsons Pirates of the Caribbean


Luckily, they didn’t get rid of Johnny Depp. As much as we love Homer or any other character, there’s only one Captain Jack Sparrow. The ladies wouldn’t take anyone else!

Simpsons Hellraiser


Finally we get to see Lisa starring!! This time, she’s dumped straight in the middle of the Hellraiser universe, just in time for the upcoming 3d remake.

Simpsons Kill Bill


Marge Kiddo, also known as The Bride has a revenge against Homer, from trying to kill her and taking her baby Maggie away from her. Armed with only her trusty katana, created by Cookie Kwan Hanzo, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Simpsons Nightmare On Elm Street


If a character falls asleep, they’re in for a world of pain as murderer Freddy Krueger chases after them in their nightmares. What would Mr. Burns dream of?

Simpsons Justice League


The most recognizable American superheroes have replacements now! We don’t think Barney can quite pull off being Superman or that Homer can be Batman (both his parents are alive! This guy is a phony!), but other than that, is great to know we have more defenders of the Earth around, if only in Springfield.

Simpsons Harry Potter


Yeah, we definitely prefer Bart over Ron. Particularly because his voice wouldn’t have been as annoying during the first couple movies. Although we’re pretty sure Hermione would argue against it, we welcome the change.

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