Traffic Lights In Germany Allow Users To Play Pong

Have you ever thought about how much time you waste waiting for traffic lights in your daily commute? Here’s something to do in that time, as long as you’re a pedestrian.


There’s a very specific traffic crosswalk in central Germany that allows pedestrians to play a quick game of pong with another user on the other side of the street while waiting for the light to change. The creators call this STREETPONG, and it is a concept by Sandro Engel and Holger Michel, developed at the HAWK Hildesheim, Faculty of Art.

Apparently, this is an experiment and not something permanent, but oh, how we wish it was.

Thanks to the True Activist crew for the lead on this story! Or more like danke schön, am I right? Read more stories at Walyou, such as Light Meters React to the Highway Traffic and Nissan’s Self-Driving Cars Will Rely on 3D Laser Scanners.