12 Awesome True Blood Artworks

In about three weeks, HBO is returning its version and vision of how vampires and other fictional and magical beings should behave in the deep, sweaty, Louisiana South. Despite the show losing its way a bit in the last couple of seasons, it’s still campy as hell tons of fun to watch. It seems like people have a lot of fun drawing the characters, especially the Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle, as well.

Everybody Loves Sookie

Sookie & Bill

Like every vampire romance story, a girl is torn between two, or maybe more individuals. Sookie Stackhouse isn’t any different.

The Main Cast

From left to right, for those who don’t know –¬†Lafayette, Bill, Sookie, Eric, Jason, Tara (dead or alive) and Sam.

Reminds me of a menu screen in some video game where you need to pick a character.

Sookie & The Boyz

Between Bill and Eric

Eric Gets Jealous

Godric and Eric

Godric was Eric’s maker and probably the oldest living vampire. Until he decided to end it all.


True Blood vs Twilight

True Blood is filled with romance, love and romance; But being an HBO show, it does have its share of sex, violence and gore. And it doesn’t make you sick to your stomach.

Sookie & Eric

Blondes look better together.