Trendy Television Screen Goes Transparent When Turned Off

Many of us have gotten used to the presence of televisions in our living rooms, some even showing them off proudly. Michael Friebe [He doesn’t seem to have a site to link] has designed this transparent television screen to change the way we see, or rather don’t see, televisions.

Televisions are, of course, used to display TV shows, movies, and video games. When they are in use, attention is focused on the action, whatever it may be. However, when the television set is off, it just looms there in the entertainment center or on the wall like black monolith or, worse, a black hole. Some see this as an eyesore, a boring blotch that still manages to draw the eye to it even though nothing’s happening on screen. It takes up visual space and while modern flat screen televisions are certainly less bulky and space-hogging than TVs were 10-20 years ago, it’s time for another change. This innovative design aims to bring us that change by giving us a transparent screen when not in use.

The Loewe Invisio is frameless and clear, showing off whatever is behind the television rather than a black rectangle. Even if there’s nothing behind the TV but a wall, it at least removes the distraction. According to the designer, it combines “conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology” to give us a solid image when in use with rich colors and full contrast, so one doesn’t have to fear being able to “see through” whatever they’re watching. If you’re not convinced, check out the pictures below not only for examples of how this product design looks, but also how you can re-design your viewing area to make your entertainment center a more pleasant sight.

Invisio Transparent TV Screen

Loewe Invisio Clear Television

Invisio Transparent TV Screen 2

Invisio Transparent TV Screen 3

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Via: SlashGear