Genieo Brings an Internet Experience Tailored to Your Interests

Have you ever felt unsatisfied by Yahoo or even Google’s homepage? Sure, you get news, email, and weather all on the same page, stacked in a particular way, but does it meet your specific interests? Well, Genieo is trying to do just that with its personalized news application.Genieo iPad

This fully-automatic program can be installed to your PC or Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, and even the iPad to generate a customized news feed based on your Internet activity. According to Geneio’s Co-founder, the application has a bootstrapping process that allows you to see a personalized homepage with news tailored to you after as little as 20 minutes of surfing.

From the screenshots and video, the page doesn’t look much different from Google’s or any other search engine’s home, but the amount of feeds, filters, and sources gathered for you is astronomical. From Mashable to The New York Times, Geneio will find news related to 15 interests (you do not have to input these yourself) and any recently researched items, streaming Twitter feeds from your friends, status updates on Facebook, and much more. Check out their demo below:

The most interesting part  about Geneio is that you can use it passively through your browser via a dedicated home page. Geneio’s processes run in the background, so there’s no extra windows or bells and whistles to mess with. In addition, the privacy settings included with the application keep your interests, feeds, and homepage safely on your computer and off the Web. Geneio also does now keep track of secure sites such as your online bank or Scottrade account. For further explanation, see an interview with Sol Tzvi here:

Honestly, the application is pretty cool in that it doesn’t inhibit your Web or computer experience. As long as a few tracking cookies don’t cramp your style, we recommend you give it a glance. Genieo is free and it knows you better than Google ever will. Okay, it’s a close race.  But it’s at least better at keeping your favorite sources, Tweets and Facebook buddies in order.

Genieo is currently on PCWorld’s Best 100 list as one of the top productivity software applications available. The applicaiton requires Windwos Xp/Vista/7, or Mac OS X 10.5 and above, and it works on almost any browser, including IE 7.0+, Google Chrome, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 5.0+, Opera 11, and of course Android and iPhone OS’s.

Via: Genieo