Trillian 5 Released for Windows, Free of Charge

There are a number of chat integrators out there, all of which are quite useful when you use many services at once. I’ve been a Trillian user for years, so it’s awesome to see that Trillian 5 has now been released. If that weren’t enough, it is now absolutely free. Trillian Pro will continue as an optional paid service, hiding advertisements and offering the ability to store chat history online. If you don’t mind the advertisements, however, there’s no better time to pick up Trillian.

Trillian 5 Launch

For those unaware of what exactly Trillian does, it consolidates a number of messaging programs into one. If you need to log in to your Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ accounts, you don’t need to run all three programs. Furthermore, if you have multiple Yahoo! Messenger accounts that you’d like logged in at the same time, you can do this easily with Trillian. Now that social networking has become huge, Trillian 5 offers the ability to include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare to the services watched. These are just a few of the examples of messengers and other services that can be handled, but rest assured that all the ‘big names’ are there. To be further accessible, Trillian is able to run on desktops, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and the web, ensuring you always have quick access to the services you need.

For the low price of free, Trillian 5 offers an astonishing amount of features with a slick interface, and Trillian Pro will only set you back $12 if you really don’t want to see the ads, would like to have your chat histories stored online, and/or would simply like to support Cerulean Studios for the work they’ve put into Trillian for the past 10 years. You can grab it here, along with the mobile versions for your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry devices. For other big news in the Internet communication industry, check out our article on Microsoft’s Acquisition of Skype or see how you can soon have Google Talk Video Chat on Android.