Star Wars’ AT-AT at Your Service: 24 Toys & Artwork

Despite their limited appearance in only two Star Wars movies: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, All Terrain Armored Transport or AT-AT walkers have quickly secured themselves a space in the hearts of many Star Wars fans. Designed to favor “fear over function”, the AT-AT walker looks like an animal with a head, a big body and four tall walking legs. Its formidable shape has inspired a line of toys and artwork  for collectors and Star Wars fans. Here are 24 of the coolest of them.

LEGO AT-ICT: All-Terrain Ice Cream Truck


Designed by Louis CK, the LEGO AT-ICT combines two things that we love the most: Star Wars and ice scream. The original walker is re-decorated with colorful bricks and the brand “Imperial Ice Cream” is written on the side of the AT-AT. Guess who is serving ice scream on the planet of Hoth. It is Darth Vader!



As part of a ‘chibi’ Star Wars contest, Angus MacLane decided to create a AT-AT walker that favors “cuteness over function”. Despite looking like a cute little puppy, this LEGO AT-AT is still very accurate with the mounted guns on the front, and seemingly fully functional legs.

Ominous LEGO AT-AT


Green Helmet managed to build a LEGO AT-AT that is much bigger and more awesome than the one sold by LEGO. It is big enough to house all these stormtroopers, just like the real one.

AT-AT Recycle Sculpture


Sage Werbock, the man with the world’s strongest nipples, this time struck again with a wonderful AT-AT sculpture from recycle materials. He used power supply boxes extricated from old computers for the walker’s the main body, floppy drive housings for the head and scrap metal for the legs and feet.

AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed


Here comes a creation that will literally let you sleep Star Wars with sweetest Jedi dreams. BykManDan built this fantastic AT-AT Imperial Walker bed specially for his son with the materials available at the nearest store.

AT-AT Imperial Walker Bunk Bed


This is one crazy DIY project that will actually let you sleep inside the walker. It took Jonathan 300-400 hours of hard work: sanding and painting to create this impressive 3 level AT-AT bunk bed.

AT-AT Boombox


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There are two things those who grew up in 70s and 80s can never forget: Star Wars and the boombox. Even though the popularity of iPod and other music player devices nowadays makes the presence of boomboxes irrelevant, many Star Wars fans would still kill for this awesome and retro AT-AT boombox.

AT-AT Stroller


Rick Russo must have found it pretty boring to stroll his baby around in a “Baby Trend Trendsport Lite” that he decided to turn it into an assault vehicle, and the result is this awesome AT-AT stroller.

AT-AT Writing Desk


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Star Wars fans, if you are looking for a small and functional writing desk to work on outside video game and Star Wars session, this is for you. Dubbed as AT-AT Desk, Tomoko Azumi’s design was apparently inspired by the tall distinct shape of the Imperial walker.

AT-AT Stool


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There is no better stool to accompany the AT-AT desk above than this AT-AT stool. With a side drawer, it can also work as a small desk.

Hasbro AT-AT Toys


The folks at Hasbro have created one of the biggest and most detailed AT-AT toys ever. The Deluxe AT-AT Vehicle measures more than 24 inches long and 12 inches wide, and can hold up to 20 Star Wars figures.

Plush AT-AT


Katipeck took out the most basic attributes of the walker and created this awesomely cute AT-AT plushie that will totally change your perception about the Imperial assault vehicle.

AT-AT Model Toy


Completely painted and meticulously crafted, this 13 inch high AT-AT model toy looks like it just walks straight out of the movie into your bedroom. You can assemble this model on your own from the parts that consists of a detailed head, legs and feet without use of glue.



Some crazy Star Wras from Far East has put together wooden pieces to create a super neat model of AT-AT walker. The model can stand, sit on two legs and even drop its head. It comes with storage space to keep your money, secret letters and even messy wires.

AT-AT Snow Sculpture


When snow comes in and everywhere looks as white as the planet of Hoth, your inner geek suddenly wakes up and urges for the creation of an AT-AT sculpture out of snow.

Bacon AT-AT


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This is too good to be true: a 3-foot tall Bacon AT-AT made from 40 lbs of pork products. To the hell all the collectibles, I’m going to eat it all.

AT-AT Cake


AT-AT does not only make an awesome assault vehicle for the Imperial army, but also make an amazing wedding cake for a groom who happens to be a crazy Star Wars fan. It took the artist about 60 hardworking hours to build and paint the cake, and cost the groom $5,000 to show off his true fandom.

Graffiti Star Wars AT-AT


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Somebody decided that Hasbo’s All Terrain Tactical Enforcer can be even cooler with some graffiti “written in the Aurebesh language, a fictional letter system created for the in-world use for the 6 Star Wars films. The largest tag on the side of the vehicle spells the word REBEL.”

AT-AT Paint Jobs






Steven Anderson was clearly bored out of his brain with the monotonous color tone of the planet of Hoth, or he just wanted to show off his Photoshop skills when he came up with a totally new color scheme for the Imperial walker. His 9 AT-AT paint jobs are inspired by 9 popular movies: The A-Team, Herbie The Love Bug, Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter, Kill Bill and so on.

AT-AT Infographic


For hardcore Star Wars who wants to know even the smallest details about the franchise, this amazingly detailed AT-AT infographic from I Love Charts will give you answer to almost all of your questions about the Imperial walker.