TripIt For Business Make People Management One Step Easier

Multitasking has become the need of the hour and everyone is entangled in the web of numerous tasks. At one particular time there are various things happening and to keep track of everything is becoming quite a difficult process. This certainly leaves a lot of room for errors. Among all this craziness if one has to keep a tab on the traveling plans of all the employees in the organizations it adds on to a lot of chaos. Fret not, for now TripIt has launched a new company calendar that promises to take away all travel plan tracking hassles and gives error free reports.

TripIt, a leading mobile trip organizer, comes from the house of Concur which is a market leader in the field of providing integrated travel and expense management solutions. The recently launched TripIt Company Calendar is helpful in accessing information on the travel plans and details of all employees. From one desk it will now be possible to see who is where and when by just a click of the button. This proves to be of great advantage in organizing company meeting, coordinating travel plans and chalking out further plans. The calendar reveals to all concerned members travel details of all but keeps sensitive issues like itineraries hidden.

The TripIt Company Calendar is available on the Business tab of TripIt. The organization says that it is the “smartest way to plan travel for your office” and they sure do justice to every word. Nothing could be smarter as you get the facility to create instant itineraries for all travel plans, all travelers can be managed and scheduled from one desk, all travelers get access to all their itineraries on the go through their mobile, email or internet, it keeps track of every travel dollar spent and the online pegboard gives details about who is in and who is out.

The Company Calendar from TripIt has been one of the most sought after features of TripIt and it is so for very obvious reasons. When all traveling colleagues get to know the plans of each other on one platform they can bring about better planning and management. This leads to greater efficiency within the organization which further results in outstanding returns and results.

TripIt was launched in the year 2006 with an aim to help travelers manage their traveling plans. It got instant acceptance from all quarters and the positive feedback led them to improvise and innovate leading to the TripIt for Business.

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