Sonic The Hedgehog Invades The Streets Of Paris

Street artist Invader manages to beat the cold of winter to put up his latest piece, which features Sega’s famous blue hedgehog.

Sonic in Paris street art by Invader image 1

Excellent street art is always appreciated here on Walyou, especially when videogames are involved. Check out who’s tapping his feet and waiting for you to pick up the controller on this building wall in Paris, France, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog himself. Hmm, he seems particularly miffed here for some reason – probably found out there wasn’t any chili dogs around.

The tiled, pixel-like portrait you see here was done by anonymous French street artist Invader. Who, I would imagine based off his love of the medium videogames, particularly of the retro variety, throughout his/her’s many impromptu works, takes his/her nom de plume and calling card (notice the alien above Sonic’s head) from the classic arcade shooter Space Invaders.

Sonic in Paris street art by Invader image 2

Over at Invader’s web-portal, you can track down all of their creations. And it’s pretty evident from the huge amount listed there that Invader has been busy like a street-art making bee. Heck, even the frozen grip around Europe this time of year was no match for Invader and his/her talents. For which we get Sonic the Hedgehog and all his cool attitude above a little French cafe.

I wonder what the world’s fastest hedgehog would look like after three expressos? I guess some questions will never be answered, but thankfully with the amount of geeky posts here on Walyou – like taking Game Boy Camera selfies or a bicycle that helps purifies the air – it’s bound to come sooner or later. So stay tuned!