TRON Legacy Coliseum Disc Battle

Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the cult sci-fi film Tron, released a couple of weeks ago and immediately impressed moviegoers and critics with its dazzling visuals and computer generated effects. The film has beautifully imagined a digital landscape that is inhabited by computer software programmes in the form of human beings. Tron: Legacy begins where the first part left off with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) trapped in the digital universe he helped create.One of the highlights of the sequel is the battle sequence that takes place between Sam Flynn (Kevin Flynn’s son) and Rinzler, who is a master of the gladiatorial games that take place inside the digital universe. Sam and Rinzler battle it out with each other throwing laser discs that would ‘de-rez’ the opponent. At the end of battle sequence, Rinzler realizes that Sam is a ‘User’ and not a program.

If you have seen the movie and loved the battle sequence, you can now recreate it in your own homes with your friends. Entertainment Earth has on display the TRON Legacy Coliseum Disc Battle; the perfect accessory to recreate the battle.

The TRON Legacy Coliseum Disc Battle set contains two beautifully designed consoles that can shoot miniature discs crafted from high grade plastic. Each console represents a figure from the iconic battle sequence: Sam Flynn and Rinzler. The consoles have a joystick like appearance with a sparkling grey and black color combination adding oodles of charm to the consoles.

The Sam Flynn console has a blue colored shield screen next to which the figurine of the character is molded. The Rinzler console has a yellow colored target with the character next to it. Users can release the miniature discs from the consoles by pressing the release buttons on the consoles.

The TRON Legacy Coliseum Disc Battle set is perfect for a game of Tron inspired disc battle with your friends. Select who will play Sam and Rinzler and select your respective consoles. Once the consoles are in your hands, let the discs fly from the mouth of the consoles and target your friend. The person who is hit the maximum number of times loses or is ‘de-rezzed’.

Players can use the shield screen to defend themselves from discs flying their way. The discs are completely safe and will not cause any harm on contact. At the end of the game, the only thing bruised would be the ego of the losing party.

The TRON Legacy Coliseum Disc Battle is available on for $23.99.

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