The Magnificent Octopus Cake

Debbie, from Debbie Does Cakes, is back with a bang and after blowing all our minds with her artistic creations in flour, this time around she’s had a thought of paying homage to the octopus-loving folk with this magnificent and delicious eight- tentacled Octopus Cake.

Octopus Cake

Octopuses have been said to be highly intelligent, more than any order of invertebrates but this fact remained unknown to most of us until the German legend Paul decided to show us all the hidden superpower that octopuses possess. Now with FIFA World Cup 2010 long gone and Paul sadly leaving us, this cake can do something no other cake can; it can bring a smile to all Paul fans worldwide.

The pair of eyes, four pairs of arms and the gazillion suckers of this Octopus cake simply amaze you. In fact, if there were a word for this cake it would have to be perfect. What else would you like to give a biology nerd or a Paul fan on his birthday other than a perfect cake?

This colossal Paul the Octopus look-alike is created to utter perfection and looks so realistic that if you place at a counter in a buffet lunch there will be a few shocked souls dialing PETA right away.

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