Violence on TV vs The Real World [Infographic]

Kids won’t grow up to be criminals if they watch violent TV shows & movies. They just won’t, but there’s no escaping the fact that television programs have gotten a lot more violent over the years.


From the day our parent sit us in front of the magic box for the first time, we’re engulfed in violence, blood, murder and more. Cartoons, some of them at least, have those too, but at some point you stop watching cartoons and get to watch stuff for adults, even when you shouldn’t.

I saw Jaws for the first time when I was 5 I think. Even Star Wars, which is probably a bit more kid-healthy than a man-eating shark has plenty of deaths in it. I don’t recall a movie I enjoy that doesn’t have at least one act of violence. Movies, TV, they should show violence. As the Infographic clearly shows, Violent acts portrayed in front of us through fiction serve as a release of the violent tendencies.

I’m not saying let your kids watch Dexter from the moment they can say ‘ma-ma’, or give them sex-ed classes by watching Game of Thrones or True Blood, but statistics, and if you did deep, common sense as well, clearly show that real-life violence doesn’t happen because of TV shows or video games.

Crime, or to be more exact, violent crime, is on the decline in the United States for over a decade or two, despite the overall agreement that games and TV shows have become much more graphic and extreme, especially on Premium Cable.