Sparkling Pika-shoes! Pikachu Hugs Your Feet

The world of Pokémon might have over 600 species by now, but the most recognizable one is still the yellow rat, Pikachu. He’s present everywhere, even as foot gear! And we mean this literally.

Pikachu Shoes

Fans of Aisha Voya Dolls might have noticed these Pika-Shoes, as we like to call them, which are really glittering Pikachu Ballet Flats. Obviously, fans can custom-order them in any size they want, and enjoy the thoughtfulness of the creator (The shoes are coated with several layers of resin, so you don’t leave a trail of glitter with each step you take.)

We originally saw these at GeekCrafts, so thanks to them. For more poke-news and features, check out 25 Pokemon Pumpkin Faces and Pokemon Black and White Version 2 Announced, Fall 2012 For North America.