A Vending Machine Trades Your Tweets for Samples of Tea

Are you thirsty but do not have any change on you? That is okay, just send a tweet to the right hashtag when you are by the vending machine and get a free tea!

Whenever it is hot out, a little liquid refreshment can always go a long way. And now, in South Africa, getting some ice cold tea is as simple as standing in front of a vending machine and tweeting that you are going to be getting an ice cold beverage…with the right hashtag of course.

South Africa is home to the very first Twitter-activated vending machine, known as BEV. Located in Wembley Square in Cape Town, all a person has to do is send a tweet and get rewarded with a sample of BOS Iced Tea. It is a brand new form of social media marketing that that has the opportunity to grow big around the world.

This is all part of a new promotion going on during the week. The only thing is that you have to ensure the Twitter app can access your location as you actually have to be by the vending machine to enjoy it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzUXa6JThVQ]


Now if they could do that with a chocolate bar machine, I would totally be in!

(Via: Gizmag)

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