Twitter hires the founder and developer behind Falcon Pro

Twitter has hired the founder and developer of Flacon Pro, a popular client acclaimed for its clean, modern design, in order to improve the mobile experience. This app is already famous for adding a lot to the Twitter experience in terms of design and usability, and the network of the blue bird stands to gain a lot from this team up.


Twitter has gone through some rough times trying to get their official mobile apps just right. It’s been so complicated finding the proper balance that it has not been uncommon for them to straight up buy competitors from other clients such as the team behind Tweeetdeck, or hire the main developers behind other apps such as Falcon Pro’s very own Joaquim Vergès. The truth is, Twitter has been fighting tooth and nail to attract users to their official apps so they can retain control over what other users see, such as ads or promoted tweets, but many times they’ve faced indifference, and users straight up ignoring them in favor of other apps developed by third parties instead of their own official app. A great example of this situation was when, in 2011, Twitter bought Tweetdeck for $28.5 million dollars as the client was reaching a quota of 50% of all Twitter users, which helped them retain control. Similarly, they’ve also bought Tweetie some 5 years ago, a popular iOS client in which the current official app for Apple is based off.

In an attempt to please their user base with their official mobile app for Android, as we explained before, Twitter has hired the developer Joaquim Vergès, the man behind Falcon Pro. He himself broke the news to the world, obviously, through his Twitter account, and also confirmed he would be working alongside the group who is tweaking the design and user interface of the official Android app. Regardless, he also asked Falcon Pro users to keep their cool, as he explained he wasn’t going to stop developing this app, and that he would update it with new features and improvements.

Up next, Joaquim’s tweets where he broke the news:


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