Twitter now allows panoramic videos

Twitter are not cropping videos anymore on users timelines, and now panoramic videos are possible.Say Goodbye to square videos!


If you were dying to get landscape style pictures or wide screen videos taking advantage of your phone’s features, now is the time. Twitter now allows horizontal videos, and won’t auto crop them in order to make them look square. The announcement, obviously, was done through a tweet at, where they invite users to learn more about their enhanced system in a special website they created about Twitter videos. In that context, they made the focus of the change the idea of sharing “life moments”.


This feature is currently only available from the mobile app, on both iOS and Android, but not on Windows Phone. Originally, when users attempted to create video from the Twitter app, users could only do it vertically, and even blocked the option to turn the camera around for a different view.

This app works not only for video recording and uploading, but also allows to get more than one recording, and roughly edit, add or remove them so users can share exactly what they want and the bits they want on their respective Twitter timelines.

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