Twitter Profiles Get a Facelift, Look More Like Facebook

Social networks resemble even more one another, now that Twitter went for a visual overhaul of its profile pages.

Ever thought that Twitter profiles would look better if they had a cover photo, much like Facebook profiles do? Well, the wait is over, as the new visual profiles include so many big images that it may become difficult to tell them apart. It has been a while since Twitter profiles were redesigned in such a radical way, and it’s good that this social network took this measure now, in order to improve the experience of its users. It should be noted that Twitter also redesigned the Homepage of each profile back in January, so this current step was really necessary for completing the overhaul.

The redesigned Twitter profiles appear only in the desktop version, and that only in several countries. Users of the mobile app, as well as the ones from other countries than the ones selected for the test, will have to wait a while. Still, such features are rolled-out rather quickly in general, so you shouldn’t worry.

The current design features header photos measuring 1252 x 626 pixels, while in the test version, the recommended size is 1500 x 1500. Tweets including links to pages that have images will now include big thumbnails, so from this point of view, the resemblance to Facebook’s News Feed is even more shocking.

The content, the thing without which Twitter wouldn’t exist, will be available in tabs that make navigation a lot easier. On top of that, the new Twitter profiles will also feature Facebook- and Pinterest-style cards. I think that such changes could make relevant content more obvious. After all, it’s easy to miss a tweet when you are following hundreds, if not thousands of other users, and bigger images could help us a lot with figuring out which tweets are more important for us. Personally, I think the new design is a major step forward for Twitter, as it’s less difficult for us now to focus on the things that truly matter.

In case Twitter wanted its new profile pages to look specifically like the ones of Facebook, I guess this must be payback for the Trending Topics that the latter plans to implement. However, if a thing is done right, there’s nothing wrong if it serves as inspiration for others.

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