Tweet Your Heart Out With the Multitouch Twitter Wall

Social Media  has been around for a long time now, and yet there still seems to be a whole lot of potential buried within it’s long and winding corridors. One device that helps to unravel the secrets of Social Media is this multitouch Twitter wall. It looks like something that should be in your favorite SciFi anime like Ghost in the Shell, but here it is!

The wall is actually made of six Multitouch Cell 46 advanced displays, which are 46 inches wide and setup into a 3 x 2 configuration. The wall can display a slew of different tweets in a visual format depending on your preferences and searched by using hashtags and keywords. The wall user can open up tweets which are represented on a rotating sphere and then touching a profile image. Each tweet can be moved and resized as needed to fit on the display. The multitouch wall can also offer different views on the spheres that allow images from Flickr to be displayed and searched by keyboard as well. The wall utilizes Panphonics Sound Shower directional speakers and can “Further engage users with positional audio from tweets and other content displayed.” Wow.

The idea here is to visualize the potential “buzz” of a particular event, topic, or item. I have no idea what such a wall would cost, but I have a feeling that it would be a whole lot more than I could ever afford. It really reminds me of the tech guy from the movie “Serenity,” except you probably won’t get killed by an assassin if you buy one. If you’re looking for other gadgetry to hang on your wall, you could spice up your office with an iPod wall as a cheaper but less impressive alternative. If you’d prefer something that would be a bit less of a fire hazard, then try out the Photoshop Command Wall Art.

Via: 7 Gadgets