Xtoaster 360 the Xbox Mod That’s the Toast of the Town

An Xbox in a toaster body the more the I think about it the more I warm to the idea. This gentleman certainly likes his toast buttered on both sides with this inventive Xbox 360 mod. This fully working Xbox 360 in a Toaster chassis is a true work of art that land firmly in the “why didn’t I think of that” category.

As with all  of the most brilliant ideas I started out looking at this Xbox 360 meets toaster, creation quite sceptically wondering where in the name all that is good the idea came from this one however is the ultimate no-brainer. Toast has long been the staple of tribes of nomadic console gamers wandering from home to home looking for a human challenge. It’s no surprise that there are no hardcore gamers who are also hardcore athletes, well none that I know. Gaming demands the highest levels of dedication and commitment very often at the expense of social interaction, hygiene, exercise and diet.

Xtoaster - Xbox 360 Toaster

Enter the brainchild of ncaruso11 this Xbox 360 mod is stylish and really well integrated. I hate Case mods with lots of show and no go. This Xbox 360 case mod catches the eye while remaining functional and fun. The interesting lighting and inventive use of the toaster plunger to eject discs definitely gives this mod a Jetsons feel which can never be a bad thing.

This right here is what every toaster tells their parents they want to be when they grow up.

The only members of society who would see changing a toasters core function from toasting all of our favourite baked goods to playing Halo as a downgrade are probably the Playstation owners.

This particular modder will however be looking to find a new home for his Xbox 360 toaster and hopefully help himself to some bread good measure he reckons:

If I can sell this one then there are sure to be bigger and better ones in the future. Feel free to throw out any ideas.”

The obvious suggestion is of course to make the toaster fully functional, but why stop at toast? I’m saying the next logical step has to be the Xbox microwave mod delivering popcorn and gaming in one go. Or perhaps a refrigerator mod to keep the beers cold though with the amount of heat the 360 generates that could be a bridge too far.

Via: TechnaBob