U Watch Ux Wearable Acts as a Gym Buddy

Knowing the heart rate zone you’re in while exercising can help you achieve your goals, and wearables such as U Watch Ux are far more convenient for this task than chest strap sensors.

U Watch Ux may not have the most inspired named in the world, but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for in functionality. You won’t be able to install apps on it, but its companion app is available on both Android and iOS, thanks to the MTK2501 chipset it’s based on.

The photoelectric heart rate sensor helps gym enthusiasts to figure out if they should increase the pace or just take it a bit slower.

U Watch Ux includes NFC connectivity, besides the typical Bluetooth 4.0, but it’s only there for pairing the smartwatch to the phone, and not for wireless payments. Instead of enabling Bluetooth, going through the settings and finding the smartwatch, users only have to keep the two devices close to each other and they’ll get paired right away.

If you don’t own a selfie stick, but would still like to make in the final picture with your friends, you can use this smartwatch’s remote camera function for triggering the shutter.

The Ux comes in a durable stainless steel shell that will be offered in several different colors, along with matching or contrasting straps. Since it’s not that unusual for members of a couple to have different color preferences, it’s great to see that the manufacturer has offered a few options.

It’s important for a watch to be sturdy, especially if you intend to use it at the gym, but that’s not the only aspect that makes the U Watch Ux great as a gym buddy. Its heart rate sensor will help you better assess your performance, and that definitely is an important element, if you want to progress. Correlate that with the pedometer functionality and the visual cues provided by the companion app, and you’ve got one of the most affordable wearables for active people.

GearBest currently sells the U Watch Ux for $60.52, a lot less than what other manufacturers charge for their smartwatches. Even better, you can get it for $53.99 if you apply the coupon code GBUX during the checkout procedure.

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