Liquid-Cooled Corsair Bulldog Is the Perfect Barebone PC

Just when it seemed that barebone PCs are out of fashion, Corsair announced Bulldog, a water-cooled barebone computer intended for gamers.

It’s not unusual for gamers to build their own computers from scratch, as they are well-aware of what piece of hardware goes where. However, barebones represent a great way of skipping a few steps in the whole “Build a PC” process, especially if the cases they come in are attractive. Corsair has plenty of experience in creating not only good looking, but also highly functional PC cases, so it figured that launching a barebone PC would be the next logical step. Enter Bulldog, a reasonably priced barebone that comes in a compact body, proving that gaming machines don’t need to look like a monolith.

Since it’s scheduled for a Q4 2015 launch, Bulldog will most probably include a motherboard based on Intel’s upcoming Skylake chipset. In other words, support for up to 32GB of DDR3 and DDR4 RAM is provided, along with USB 3.1, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 audio and built-in Wi-Fi. AMD fans won’t be neglected either, but the motherboards and chipsets to be used are currently unknown.

As seen below, Bulldog will feature a Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler, which means that users won’t have to mess around with tubing, pumps and all of that. This cooling solution not only keeps the CPU’s temperature down, but it’s also quieter than air coolers. Should you want to also water-cool your GPU, Corsair will provide a DIY cooling kit for $99.

A fully modular 600W SFX power supply is also included, to make sure that gamers use just the right amount of cables, without any unnecessary air-blocking clutter.

Also coming with Bulldog is Lapdog, a lap desk that enables you to play games from the comfort of your couch. This accessory even has a built-in USB hub for charging phones and powering USB headphones or mice.

Both Bulldog and Lapdog will be launched in Q4 2015, for $399 and $89, respectively. You would still have to spend some extra for the CPU and RAM, but considering that what you are left with is a great degree of freedom, I’d say that it’s worth it. I’m not a big fan of the Lapdog, but the Bulldog gaming barebone PC would definitely make a great addition to any gamer’s living room.

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