UNITI iMac, an organizer and display stand for Apple gadgets

The Apple ecosystem is healthier than ever, and their products a great success, but that does sorta give us users one problem: organizing them becomes a pain, being that all of them are awesome. And there is where UNITI iMac comes in, to save the day.


UNITI iMac is an organizer and display for those who work with Apple’s very own iMacs, and use their gadgets on top. It’s meant to charge the mobile devices (any kind of iPod, iPad, or  iPhone, amongst others) while also letting users store away their mouse and keyboard when they are not required.

The stand is designed to elevate your monitor and force users into a better posture, while providing a set of USB connectors within hand’s reach along with a headphone connection. Yet, the biggest feature are the two integrated charging stations that are way more than mere docks: these sets are almost universal, allowing a variety of gadgets, tablets and phones to be plugged without having to mess around with cables providing a clean, sleek look.

UNITI is made of alluminium, and if you need to see it in your desk, you can support it through their Kickstarter campaign making a good enough pledge. Good luck!

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