Hello Kitty as the Avengers Cupcakes

What’s Hello Kitty’s costume for Halloween? She decided to go all out this year and dressed as the Avengers. This sweet Halloween treat was created by Animated Cupcakes as featured on the business’ Flickr account. For Kitty fanatics and Avengers wannabes, this will be an excellent addition to any party. Plus they’re great souvenirs that look to cute to eat!





The creators called this set the “Hello Avengers” and its members include the Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Iron Man. Not included in this set is Hello Kitty Spider-Man, but you can check it out on their Flickr Photostream with tons more mouth watering creations.

Animated Cupcakes is a cafe, restaurant, and bakery based in Garden Grove, California. The company prides itself on its delectable and one of a kind cupcakes that can be customized to whatever their clients prefer. Ordering this set of six Hello Avengers cupcakes would cost around 17 USD. The client can choose any flavor of cupcake and frosting, and Animated Cupcakes will top it off with their handmade sugar icing Hello Kitty characters. Maybe next time they can pair this Avengers set up with Hello Kitty X-Men cupcakes, but that’s for another story.

Animated Cupcakes has also made various toppings and designs that sugar-loving geeks would definitely go for. Among their popular collections include Angry Birds, Plants Versus Zombies, Lego Star Wars, and lots more. Animated Cupcakes also baked this batch of Halo themed cupcakes, perfect for munching on while playing the Xbox. Got a geeky design in mind? Give them a call and they’ll see what they can whip up for your Halloween party or special occasion.

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Via: Nerdgasmo