5 Most Unsetteling Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are all around us and multiplying by the minutes, but only the really good ones actually make you think about your own life and possibly unsettle you after your hear them for the first time.

Deja Vu as Proof of Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

There are actually two interesting theories regarding Deja Vu. The more popular one has to do with reliving moments from our past lives, but a more modern twist is that it is triggered by similar events occurring simultaneously in different dimensions.

Cthulhu is Real, Living Off the Coast of Chile

Cthulhu is Real

An underwater sound recorded in 1997 resembled a living creature, and surprisingly occurred quite close to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional city of R’lyeh, the lost underwater mecca where cosmic entity Cthulhu supposedly resides.

We’re Not Real

We're a Computer Simulation

There’s a theory that suggests human beings will be intelligent enough at some point to create a simulation that’s impossible to distinguish from the real world. Which means that we might actually be already living as such.

Pyramids as Giant Conductors


According to a series of stone reliefs at the Dendera Temple complex, the dark passages inside the pyramids might have been lit up by electricity due to what resembles modern electrical lighting systems such as Geissler and Crookes tubes.

Yuri Gagarin Wasn’t The First Man in Space

Lost Cosmonaut

According to the Lost Cosmonauts theory, Vladimir Ilyushin was actually an earlier version of the “first man” to enter space, but he landed off course and was captured by the Chinese government, and conspiracy theorists purport over a dozen cosmonauts may have perished in space before Gagarin’s flight.Gagarin was only the first to survive.

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