I’m Watch Is an Android Smartwatch with Great Potential

Smartphones with curved displays are all the rave nowadays, so the world’s first curved Android smartwatch should make some waves, as well.

The developers of I’m Watch claim that this is the first real smartwatch, and I’m pretty sure that they’re not just referring to the display when they say that. What sets I’m Watch apart from its counterparts is the fact that it does not act only as a companion for your smartphone. For example, other similar devices only display notifications when receiving a call, while I’m Watch actually enables you to answer or reject the respective call. Mind you, this only one of the things that helps I’m Watch to be ahead of the crowd.

I’m Watch connects via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices, so developers don’t discriminate when it comes to OS compatibility. The smartwatch itself runs a modified version of Android called I’m Droid 2 (what the developers claim to be the most advanced smartwatch OS in the world), and it comes with a proprietary marketplace that includes among other things such rebranded apps as I’m Fb and I’m Tweet.

By the looks of it, I’m Watch is all about staying in touch with people you know, no matter if that is done through social networks, texts or calls.

When it will hit the streets, I’m Watch will be available in seven different colors, in order to match different styles and tastes. While some versions may be more suitable for business outfits, others will undoubtedly be more adequate for outdoor activities. After all, a smartwatch should work as an activity tracker, besides enabling us to plan meetings and notice notifications on time.

Below is a video of the I’m Watch demonstration at Mobile World Congress 2013, which took place in Barcelona, back in February.

The following clip, on the other hand, is the promotional video of this smartwatch.

I’m Watch is currently available on the online store for $299, but the price will supposedly get to $399 once this device hits the shelves of brick & mortar stores. The retail price makes it more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which left a lot to be desired. Do you think that I’m Watch has what it takes to get from on your wrist, despite its rather steep price?

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