USB Mario Mushroom Lamp

The Super Mario Bros. series has given us a wide variety of memorable characters and items, but it’s the classic ones that really re-ignite the nostalgia in many.

That’s why this USB Mario Mushroom Lamp is sure to take off. The mushroom, fire flower, and starman are the three primary power-ups used to boost Mario’s skills in some way in the original Super Mario Bros. and the trio is also seen prominently in Super Mario Bros. 3, particularly in the various mini-games. Of course, they’ve appeared in countless other games in the franchise as well, but these two were likely the ones to really begin endearing the power-ups to video game fans.

Super Mario USB Mushroom Lamp

Mario 1-Up Mushroom Lamp

Whether you’ve been a Mario fan from the start or have fallen in love with the iconic mushroom in one of the later games, this USB-powered mushroom lamp is the perfect way to show your love. With a little push on the mushroom, it lights up your work space, and if you prefer it as a bedside lamp you can even use AA batteries in lieu of leeching USB power from your computer. Even better, you have a choice between two variations on the product: the red mushroom that turns little Mario into Super Mario and the green “1-Up” mushroom that grants him an extra life. Can’t choose?

At $9.99 each, it’s not crazy to buy both of them. They can serve as a great conversation piece at home or as a way to brighten your mood (and cubicle) while you toil away at work. If, however, this is not enough Mario for you, feel free to check out some of our other related articles such as the Mario Mushroom Typography Art, Working Mario Coin Block, and the Mario Papercraft Magnet Diorama.