Wake Up Or Get Exterminated: Dr Who’s Dalek Projection Clock

Of all the creatures that plague the adventures and nightmares of Time Lord Dr. Who, it’s the daleks who have perhaps come to be most readily associated with him. They’re sometimes criticized because of their kitschy, not-exactly-threatening appearance: Let’s face it, it doesn’t seem exactly plausible for a race of giant salt and pepper shakers to take over the universe any time soon. Still, they’ve won themselves a spot in the hearts of many fans and may now claim one on their bedside tables as well, in the form of this nerdy Projection Alarm Clock.

Dalek Clock 01

The clock is almost 10″ tall and looks just like any Dalek worth its salt should. It features the lone eyestalk, the exterminator arm and the telescopic manipulator arm – ordinarily known as the sink plunger. Three of the characteristic bumps that cover the Dalek’s body have been turned into Demo, Set and Mode buttons.

There’s also three sound effects to choose from. You can start your day encouraged by the Dalek’s trademark synthesised war cry of “Exterminate!”, the ominous buzzing of its gunstick or the smooth vibrations it makes when it hovers. Of course, the clock doesn’t actually hover but the Daleks in the show do. (Long gone are the days when they could be defeated simply by putting a flight of stairs between you and them!)

Dalek Clock 02

What really makes the clock distinctive, however, is the fact that it projects the time onto your ceiling. When your waking-up hour is due, blue lights flare up from the bottom of the alien robot and the time is written in bright blue above your head. This cool, eye-catching function brings the nerdy factor up a notch and, coupled with the sound effect of your choice, there’s no way it won’t succeed in bringing you out of your sleep. Just in case though, the clock has a snooze button that will go off for ten minutes if you insist on ignoring the threat of impending annihilation.

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Available for only $39.99.