USB Tampon Flash-Drive: Your Private Data In Your Private Parts

What the hell are we reading? Well, exactly what the title implies… about a USB Tampon Flash-Drive.


Now damn, this is awkward. The idea behind this is that people stealing and/or cycling through a lady’s backpack or purse would probably spare this, so it makes for an odd but effective choice in security. Your data will always be safe, as long as the thief is grossed out. Perfect!


The guys and gals behind this piece of work are here, at Meninos. They made this clever little gadget in three separate versions:

  • 2GB for light flow,
  • 4GB for moderate flow and
  • 8GB for heavy flow.

That’s hysterical, really. Thanks to everyone at TheRegister for pointing this lead out for us. Check out some other clever gadget designs at 16 Anti-Theft Gadgets and Designs to Deter Thieves and Fake Security Cam Deters Thieves.