Extremely Realistic Frankenstein-Cthulhu Mask

If for whatever reason you think your head needs a rest and would like to replace it with an evil entity, we guess you’re in for a treat.


H.P. Lovecraft and Mary Shelley’s creations get a fusion that works surprisingly well via this creation which your college friends will love and your mom will hate.


The mask is called the “Frankenthulhu”, and is made out of latex. It took 35 hours to sculpt, with a few extra days to mold/cast, and a paintjob on top of everything. The craftsman was afterlightrob. Check out some details below.



Thanks to everyone at the ObviousWinner team for this lead, it’s absolutely kickass! And while we deal with Mary Shelly’s creation, check out some of our other stories: It’s Alive! LEGO Frankenstein Set and Researchers Build Frankenstein-ish Terminator Robot Hand.