Using Hot or Cold Drinks to Recharge Your Mobile Phone

When your phone runs out of juice and there’s no power outlet in sight, what do you do? Just place your hot coffee or cold beer over this nifty device and you’re good to go.

This cool (or hot) invention was designed by Epiphany Labs in Pennsylvania, USA, and is called the One Puck. Still in its prototype stage, the One Puck converts heat and provides instant power for recharging electronic gadgets. The secret is the Stirling Engine housed within the puck-shaped device, and this is what converts heat into usable energy.


epiphany puck 1


At first, the One Puck looks like a drink coaster that keeps your coffee warm or your soda cool. However, the reality is that the heat generated by a steaming cup of tea or coffee can help re-juice your mobile phone. Use the red side for hot drinks, or flip the One Puck over on the blue side to place your ice-cold beverages. Epiphany Labs explains that they have not yet determined the exact time it takes to fully charge a mobile phone. Another application is that the One Puck can power any other USB device, like an mp3 player, or digital camera.

epiphany puck 2

Currently, the project is up on Kickstarter and is hoping to raise more funds to get the One Puck in the market by year 2014. Another awesome thing about their initiative is that this technology can possibly be used to power villages countries where electricity is not readily available. Imagine how the One Puck’s technology can help thousands of families. But for now, let’s enjoy its recharging abilities as we sip our favorite drinks. Just be careful not to spill on your gadget!

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Via: Daily Mail