The Perfect Lego Beer Machine

It took these guys four months, but eventually they came up with a beer machine as part of the Lego Mindstorms NXT. A beer machine. It’s made out of Lego, and it does take a while before it actually hands it to you, all open and pefectly chilled, but it’s brilliant to look at and worth the watch then actually doing it yourself.

We’ve already talked about our lazy nature, and how it’s been getting worse (or better, depending on your views and actual self lazy meter) for all of us. A wine machine? I can see the point with that. Some people have problems with the cork, and a broken cork can ruin an evening? But beer? Which is just one motion of the wrist away from being streaming down your throat?

Well, yeah, people need comforts, and opening a beer these days is just too hard. This machine works via bluetooth, so you don’t really need to get up and get the beer from the fridge or worry about it getting warm while it sits outside. Just press the button, and let the magic do its thing.

You load the cartridge with six bottles, and the Lego contraption does its thing. One bottle starts moving at the press of a button while you’re watching the game. As you continue to sit and scratch your belly, the bottle is getting cooled down to the perfect, chilled temperature. A few seconds later, it’s cold and open, and all you have to do is reach out. Perfection, for the lazy (Dutch, from the beer) man.