VACHEN App Powered Android Smart Watch Tells Time and More

Smartwatches might not replace smartphones anytime soon, but they still have great chances of becoming companions of the latter.

Won Rhee, the developer of the VACHEN wrist watch, considers that this smart timepiece represents the perfect accessory for fashion-conscious people. Tech enthusiasts might find this product attractive, too, as it packs quite a few features.

The timepiece runs Android Gingerbread, but considering the application, Jelly Bean would be an overkill. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, and it also packs Wi-Fi, probably to enable wearers to sync their watches with atomic clocks. The resolution, of only 240 by 240, isn’t particularly mind-blowing, but for a smartwatch, it’s more than enough. As it runs Google’s operating system, VACHEN is compatible with Android smartphones, but (here comes the irony!) it could be also be used in tandem with an iPhone.

If battery life is among your greatest concerns, you shouldn’t worry! VACHEN’s battery keeps the smartwatch alive for up to 48 hours. Provided that you charge it at night, it won’t go off during some important event.

Speaking of events, VACHEN comes with changeable watch faces to match all sorts of events. Hence, it has a face for casual wear, one for formal wear, and even one for sport events. Its chronograph could be used for measuring lap times while driving, but I’d recommend against that. Texting and looking at your wrist watch while driving might have tragic consequences. Here’s a Romanian Police road safety campaign that should make you reconsider that.

At the moment, VACHEN is featured on Kickstarter, where its creator tries to raise $100,000 so that the product gets mass produced. At press time, the project required around $23K towards its goal, and since there are 8 more days to go, VACHEN has a few chances of becoming real.


The price of the VACHEN smartwatch starts at $169 for early birds, but the price goes up as various other things are added. Men probably won’t be interested in wearing a wrist watch with Swarovski crystals, but women are surely going to appreciate such a timepiece.

In case Apple decides to launch its iWatch, after all, it will face some serious competition from Pebble and the likes. In my opinion, VACHEN would have represented a threat, too, if it had more features.

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