Up Close with the Xbox One

Let’s get close and personal with Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox One, with these stylish images from the showroom.

Xbox One console front by Engadget image

I’ll give it to Microsoft in one area. When it comes to designing a sexy piece of gaming hardware, they rarely disappoint. The Xbox One – albeit the size of a Betamax from the 1980s – has some modern lines to it that look pretty slick in pictures.

These pictures come from our friends over at Engadget (you can see more over at their website if you wish), who do a wonderful job capturing the Xbox One in its natural “media event” setting. I’ve gone ahead, as per usual, and posted a nice roundup of them here, along with images of the Xbox One’s new controller.

Xbox One console top by Engadget image

Xbox One console back by Engadget image

More on that later. First, lets dig deeper at the Xbox One’s outer shell, which if you haven’t noticed by now, has a vents up the wahzoo. I’m not entirely sure if they’re just for show or help with cooling, but considering their past hardware issues it couldn’t hurt to have them.

Xbox One Kinect by Engadget image

And at least it’s a design motif that works its way on to everything, like the next version of Kinect that is supposed to come with every console unit. Yeah, good luck trying to find space in your living room for another bulky gaming box.

Finally, turning to the Xbox One’s controller we can see the improvements Microsoft took with their latest input device. There’s more than a shiny trim to this controller, of course, it has a preciser d-pad (thank Bob) and “impulse triggers” that incorporate extra feedback.

Xbox One controller by Engadget image 1


Xbox One controller by Engadget image 2

I do also like what the designers down at Redmond, Washington did to the analog sticks; you can see they added a nice grippy texture around the well on top. Very cool. I do wonder what those two tiny buttons in the middle do – perhaps interact with the Xbox One’s OS?

Don’t you worry about that though, we’ll get down to more features about the Xbox One in the upcoming days and also dish out our daily line up of geeky news such as fuzzy shots of the PlayStation 4 and strange animal sculptures made from paper.

Images courtesy of Engadget.com