Valve Produces Incredible Games… And Perfect Cookies

When they’re not busy creating Half-Life 3 or the next Left 4 Dead (*cough*), the Valve team is free to pursue other endeavors, like that of the perfect cookie. They have the perfect sales nailed down anyways with Steam, so this project has us really excited!

Valve Cookies

Let’s drop the jokes and explain things now. This is a little project by Ben Krasnow, a mechanical engineer at Valve Corporation (yes, the same guys from Portal, Half-Life, DOTA 2, and so on): a method to create the greatest, most perfect cookies in the world. How does the machine work? Well, Krasnow only has to feed the ingredients to the machine, and it proceeds to dispense a preset amount specified by a computer beforehand. Does it work? Well, sort of. Learn more about this noble quest in the video below.

Source: Ben Krasnow

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