Napwell Mask Creates a Fake Sunrise to Wake You Up Gently

There are two efficient approaches to waking up: one involves electroshocks and other such stimulants, while the other makes use of fake sunrises, as is the case of the Napwell mask.

Of course, electroshocks may make people irritable during the day, no matter how mild they are. From this point of view, it’s probably better to wake up gently, with the help of a fake sunrise. Engineers at MIT, Stanford, and Harvard Medical School came together to create what they claim to be the world’s first napping mask. If they put it like that, they might be right, cause otherwise, this is far from being the world’s first sleeping mask to fake a sunrise in order to wake its wearer up.

Sleeping masks couldn’t enter the 21st century with their bland design. Something needed to be added to them, to make sure that anyone wearing them has a futuristic experience. At first, Napwell may not look very different from typical sleeping masks, but a closer look reveals some of its hi-tech components.

First of all, this sleeping mask features a timer on the front, so that wearers can set the time of their power nap. Secondly, Napwell comes with LEDs whose intensity increases gradually, to create the illusion of a sunrise.

The main purpose of Napwell is to counteract sleep inertia, a phenomenon that appears when someone gets woken up in the middle of a sleeping cycle. In other words, Napwell seeks to optimize your sleep.

In terms of comfort, Napwell seems to be very good. None of the external light can pass through, and the softness of the mask will make people want to wear it more often.

As the makers of this sleeping mask put it, Napwell can be worn at home, at the office, and even during long flights. If your superior happens to find you taking a nap during working hours, don’t hesitate to explain to him just how great this sleeping mask is. On a second thought, it’s probably better to wear it during the lunch break, if you don’t want to get fired.

Justin Lee, the developer of the Napwell sleeping mask, turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for turning the product into reality. Luckily for him, the project got $10,476 more than the initial goal of $30,000, and there are 6 more days till the campaign ends. If you want to secure a Napwell mask for yourself, you need to back the project with at least $50.

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