10 Amazing Vector Portraits

Vector portraits have always been a favorite of mine. Recreating organic features using a computer program have led to some amazing vector based portraits. To celebrate the power of electronic based imaging and the human form is 10 of the best vector portraits.

Digital Illustration is a realm of art that sets itself apart from traditional art creation methods such as painting, inking and drawing. While digital image manipulation often embraces traditional mediums, I find that digital illustration using a vector creation program is another amazing art style that should not be overlooked. To empower your next vector illustration are 10 amazing and beautiful vector portraits that push programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator to their limits.

1. Luk

This isn’t your typical vector image that reeks of a Charles Scwhab commercial or A Scanner Darkly. This portrait called Luk was done in Adobe Illustrator CS2 and shows that vectoring can be used to create a unique yet personal portrait.

2. Mischa Barton

Continuing the trend of mind blowing and at first glance photorealistic imagery is this portrait of Mischa Barton done in Illustrator CS2 with background retouching in Photoshop CS2

3. Ashlee Simpson

Done in Illustrator CS3 is an amazing portrait of Ashlee Simpson called Listen. While areas of light and dark are strong, vector areas are done extremely well and give the feeling of realism combined with a more organic yet digital touch.

4. Look Away

Perhaps one of the more intense images in terms of composure is this portrait of
Ryan Arestegui called Look Away.

5. Self Portait

This self portrait takes a more intimate approach to typical vector portraits using a more subtle color scheme.

6. Hawaiian Eyes

Using a color scheme with hues of blues, oranges and reds is this amazing portrait of a photograph. The digital portrait gives a new theme to the existing picture and for a first time vector illustration is simply amazing.

7. Lise Roe

What I like about this vector illustration is what was achieved in such a short time — half an hour — and the achromatic color scheme. Like most of the vector portraits shown here, this was done in Illustrator CS2

8. Adriana Lima

Deviating from the previous trend of Adobe only vector illustrations is a portrait of Adriana Lima done in Corel Draw. While the portrait itself is comprised of simple vector zones, the lips and hair could be mistaken for being real at first glance.

9. Red Kimino

Using a mainly red monochromatic scheme is a wallpaper image turned vector. The red kimono jumps out at first glance and looks like something out of a movie.

10. Alessandra

Last but not certainly least is this vector portrait of Brazilian model Allesandra Ambrósio. Like the portrait of Adriana Lima, this was also done in Corel Draw and uses a monochromatic color scheme. This works well as various section of light and shadow are sectioned to give the illusion of depth and facial features.

Hopefully you’re inspired from what can really be done with Adobe Illustrator and other vector based Applications. Creating vector portraits with an organic touch and photorealistic look are difficult but the end result is nothing short of amazing.