Vividly Awesome Super Mario Brothers Cake

Take a bite out of this highly detailed, delicious-looking Super Mario Brother’s fondant-covered cake.  Make any party memorable with the addition of a themed cake as awesome as this one.
Mario Cake

This magnificent creation was baked and decorated by The Cake Mamas. I cannot stop being impressed with the detail that went into this cake. Some of the cakes I’ve seen show some sort of resemblance to the characters it’s trying to portray but this cake is near perfect. The fondant decorations took time to make and the hand of a skilled professional. This cake probably cost quite a bit but whoever received it was quite lucky.

Mario Cake

The bottom layer of the cake shows one of the underground levels of Mario, complete with blocks, coins, power-up boxes, pipes with piranha plants and turtles.  Take the doors up to the mid-layer, a sunny land level with green 1-up mushrooms, clouds and Mario popping out of a pipe.  To top it all off, we find a monstrous goomba atop the cake, staring out with that confused look of the lowly, ever-present goomba.

I don’t know if a bewildered goomba would have been my first choice as the crowning piece of my cake, maybe a power-up star or a blue Yoshi (my absolute favorite of the Yoshis) but a goomba is a staple of any Super Mario Brothers game, so it works.

Mario Cake

It doesn’t state what flavor is found inside the cake but The Cake Mamas have some fantastic-sounding flavor combinations listed on their site.  Raspberry lemonade, amaretto cappuccino, chocolate banana and green eggs and ham are but a few of the available combinations plus seasonal flavors available.

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Via: TheCakeMamas Flickr & The Cake Mamas