The Most Insane Venom Makeup You’ve Ever Seen

Venom, a Spider-Man villain if you haven’t heard the news or read a comic book in ages or seen Spider-Man 3 (not worth the watch actually), is one of the more unhinged character, or more accurately set of characters, in the Marvel universe.

There hasn’t been just one Venom – there have been 7 hosts to the Alien Symbiote which made its debut in the Marvel universe 18 years ago. First as the Black Spider-Man suit, and later with Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson and less notably Ann Weying, Patricia Robertson and Angelo Fortunato.

Artistically, the character and especially the traits of the Symbiotes, not limited by the classic look of a suited villain or superhero is great to work with – The length, the fluidity, the ominous color and the evil looking features when stretched out make Venom probably the best looking villain in the Spider-Man gallery when it comes to art works.

On actual people, as makeup, it looks just as good, maybe even more, shall we say, wicked. This fantastic picture shows it in the stages when it creeps up on your face and takes over your body, mind and soul. Needless to say, this girl should be a hit, and quite a scare for young kids, in any kind of convention or even costume party.