Venture Capitalism for Everyone! New Game Lets You Play the Role of VC

Startups are one of those phenomena that have benefitted largely from social media, and networking.

Thanks to sites like Tech Crunch and others, small and new businesses started by young entrepreneurs receive enough coverage to grab the attention of Venture Capitalists. These Venture Capitalists invest money in promising start-ups and usually have a major share in the budding start-up. When they realize that the start-up is beginning to lose the race, they withdraw their support and jump t the next promising start-up which again would have received rave reviews on sites like Tech Crunch or other startup review sites. Venture Crapital is an HTML5 game built at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon which allows you to play the role of a Venture Capitalist who has millions to throw away at promising start ups.

When they begin to reach a plateau level, or when you think that the startup is beginning to decline in sales or profits, you would withdraw and move on throw your millions at the next promising startup, just like real life Venture Capitalists do. The game was built by Dmitri Cherniak, Adrian Sanders, Wylie Conlon and Chris Bliss who work at startups themselves. The idea is to let you play as a Venture Capitalist who awaits the startup bubble to burst, and withdraw before it actually bursts. This not only requires analytic skills, but sometimes also deeper insight into the ways startups work.

It is one hell of a funny and satirical game that takes a dig at the startup culture which depends heavily on venture capitalists, and also takes a dig at venture capitalists themselves who have a lot to gain from these startups if they withdraw at the right time. However, if they try to act like angels and wait for the bubble to burst, they end up losing millions. Venture Crapital sure is one of the funniest and realistic games that I have come across. You can take a look at the video below.

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