Fling Mini Brings Joystick to Smartphones

While Android and iOS games are ultra popular with the Smartphone and tablet crowd, there is one thing that is missing when talking about the ultimate enjoyment of the game.

Growing up, most gamers remember the video games that actually had the big old joysticks that you could really grab onto when you were playing your favorite game.  There are actually such warm memories about joysticks that sometimes even items that have nothing to do with actual gaming get ultra popular simply because of the happy memories associated with them.  Of course, sometimes the love affair with the joystick allows us to carry devices long since thought extinct into the 21st century such as the N64 Gameboy Advanced.

The tactile sensation of playing all sorts of video games with an actual joystick is of course missing from most Smartphones and tablets simply because it isn’t very practical to have when you aren’t playing video games.  Accesory maker, Ten One Design seems to have solved this problem by producing their Fling Mini detachable joysticks.

The Fling Mini joysticks work with the iPod Touch, the iPhone and several of the Android Smartphones and by using mini suction cups they attach to the screens of these devices and become the tactile joystick you so desperately crave when playing games.  Of course the one drawback is that these particular joysticks only work with games that have on screen joysticks usually, the upside is that more and more games are seeing the importance of those when moving around their virtual worlds.  Because they use a harmless and residue free way of attaching to the touch screen, there is no worry about having some sort of good left behind when you need to turn your phone back into a phone.

Because so many games rely on precise movements, the Fling Mini will actually give you much better results than if you are fat fingering the touch screen.  The best news of all is that the Fling Mini joystick is not that expensive, weighing in with a $24.95 price tag.  Hardcore gamers will part with that money in a heartbeat.  The biggest drawback of course is that presently, the Fling Mini is not compatible with the iPad or the iPad 2 but it seems likely those will be coming soon.